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Every year for 9 years


This year marks our 9th participating in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, coinciding with our 11th anniversary—a testament to our long-standing commitment to this cause. For those unfamiliar, here’s a brief overview: For 11 years, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has united classic and vintage-styled motorcycle riders worldwide to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. Annually in May, the event takes place in over 100 cities, drawing more than 100,000 participants who each fundraise for the cause.

Each year, Hedon donates more than 100 helmets to reward the top 100 fundraisers globally, with the highest fundraiser receiving the one-of-a-kind ultimate Kingpin helmet, as pictured above. Since becoming the DGR's official helmet partner in 2016, Hedon has donated over 700 helmets. These top 100 helmets are exclusive rewards that can only be won, not purchased. However, we offer a purchasable version for those wishing to support the cause and own a limited-edition design unique to each year.

Register now if you have not already at the end of the page. 

DGR Founder - Mark Hawwa

Every year we have a Hedon team where anyone can join and have a great chance to win a Hedon helmet. The top 3 highest fundraisers of our team is guaranteed a Hedon helmet, here are the prizes for ths year below. 

Join the Hedon team and significantly increase your chances of winning a Hedon helmet.

Looking to be a Gentleman Rider and fight for the cause? Look no further.

Join over 500,000 Gentleman Riders around the world and help fight the fight of prostate cancer and mental health starting from today, it's never too late.