Issue 63



It is with great pleasure that we present our first of many limited drops to come: HEDON LIMITED8. Only 8 helmets are made for each model, open face and full face. As avid fans of Sci-fi, this year's theme is Retro Sci-fi, which will inspire all our ideas until next year. Our first LIMITED8 drop is called PROMETHEUS. This design draws inspiration from our favourite alien sci-fi classics, with tentacles that represent all the dark corners of our minds. Despite their fearful nature, they evoke a thrilling and exciting sensation in our minds and bones, akin to riding a bike.

Trust us to make it look sinfully delicious and refined. Each helmet is crafted from full carbon fibre and clearly numbered individually on gilded gold leaf. The tentacles are randomly hand-painted in iridescent metallic colours that plays tricks on your eyes in both darkness and light. No two helmets are ever the same.

This new LIMITED8 series allows us at Hedon to push our creativity to its limits and to be able to share it with the world. We love to disrupt and inspire and to create exciting things as frequently as we possibly can, but they will always be limited to 8, as it will be too difficult to make more of such exquisite designs.

"This design draws inspiration from our favourite alien sci-fi classics, with tentacles that represent all the dark corners of our minds."

Each Heroine Racer Prometheus comes with a Deep Smoke Visor and each Hedonist Prometheus will come with a Shield Dark Smoke visor. 

"Only 8 will be made in the world. Don't miss this 


We have always had a deep love for all forms of Sci-fi. Therefore, this year, we decided to embrace this theme purely for the joy of indulging in unlimited creativity.

The purpose of creating these highly limited editions is to continuously push the boundaries of our creativity and share it with the world. We sincerely hope that these releases bring you as much pleasure as they do for us when we create and craft them exclusively for you.



Countdown to launch

Once you pre-order by choosing and locking down your number by purchasing, our aftersales team will be in contact to sort out the size and certification you will need. This helmet purchase will come with a test sizing service for any first time Hedon buyers and duties will also be included in the purchase. The numbers can only be chosen on a first come first basis, so if the number matters to you, make sure you get in there early!

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