Our Metallic Pythons were inspired by a leaf we discovered. Our variegated metallic leaves are made in Italy and this particular leaf has a very unique scaly pattern with a very cool patina of different shades and tones of oxidation. When we discovered this leaf we just knew that we had to make it into a helmet. It just reminded us of a metallic reptilian and hence was the inspiration for this helmet. Our Metallic Python Racer is the top or our range as it is the most handcrafted and labour intensive helmet we have in our collection.

The process is called gilding. The shell is first hand painted with a special adhesive with a brush and left to dry for bit before delicately sticking on each leaf followed by some dry brushing to flatten the leaf against the shell. Once the whole shell is covered it is ready to be varnished to protect the carefully gilded shell.

The varnished helmet is then finished by trimming the bottom and window with black natural leather and upholstered with a plush all round 360 faux suede and leather lining.

Metallic Pythons come in both our full face Heroine Racer and Hedonist open face.