"HED" ON TO 2022

This years new colours are inspired by the iconic and timeless 911 Porches we have always fantasised about.

They will be available just in time for when the season starts.

Heroine Racer and Hedonist Moonlight

PORSCHE 911 (996) CARRERA 4 CABRIOLET is one of our favourites. The Moonlight metallic blue we have used is so deep an indigo blue that you could easily get lost in, like space itself. We also wanted to add a "moon" element by gilding some metallic brass accents onto the helmet to make it extra special.

photo credit : Here

Heroine Racer and Hedonist Macadamia

PORSCHE 911 (997) CARRERA is the other favourite. The Macadamia metallic creates such a smooth and warm sensation in our soul. Like the first bite of the best Belgian chocolate. Or the safe and warm feeling of your first sip of hot chocolate in your very luxurious cabin in the slopes. All those good things.

photo credit : Here