“Out of the ashes of our broken world, something began to stir. Was it a new force or perhaps an old friend? We witnessed Nature breathing life back into the charred ruins, sowing mystical seeds inside the souls of the survivors. A hundred thousand of these “Soul Flowers” bloomed, right out of their brains and bodies. Roses, lilies, daisies and more - all of them bright and fresh, rich and full of hope. The attendants of this strange new Springtime were the ‘Nine Biker Clans’, a brave new army who helped bring Supernature back to the world, so the future could flourish again.” 


The free-living “Hedonistics” have dedicated themselves to re-discovering the near-forgotten wonder of the world. Inspired by the counter-cultures of the 1960s and 70s, they are committed to the three pillars of Peace, Love and Happiness. They are at once romantic and realistic, sophisticated and child-like, wayward but always full of hope. They live the dream, aspiring to be high and happy whenever life lets them. But don’t think this is a superficial lifestyle, the Hedonistics trace back their philosophy to the great thinkers of history, like Walter Pater, the forefather of the Aesthetic movement, who declared: “To burn always with a hard gemlike flame, to maintain ecstasy, is success in life.” The Hedonistics are convinced this notion might just save the world.


Family : Gentianaceae

Symbol of happiness, the funnel-shaped Eustoma blooms whenever the clan feel joy - on the road, around the campfire, when romance arises. Here they emerge from the Heroine Racer Signature Black and Heroine Racer Signature Xtasy helmets. 


Family : Rosaceae

As the Hedonistics clan set love free, red roses began to unfurl fromtheir helmets - the “Hedonist Xtasy” and “Hedonist Signature Black”.Back in the old world, Jack and Ernesto were uptight accountantsworking in a grey office block, but now they are transformed, intoJack of Hearts and Ernie Eagle, spreading their message of peace andhappiness across the land.Chrysanthemum Scientific Name : Eustoma grandiflorumRose


Family : Asteraceae

Chrysanthemums are another “Soul Flower” that has taken hold inside the Hedonistics. These tooth-petalled plants represent honesty and positivity, so they bring cheer to the clan, especially when used to make tea. Not surprising that they grew so well from the edges of the Epicurist Signature Black helmet.


As the “Soul Flowers” burrowed deeper into the consciousness of each individual, the religious conflicts that had caused so  much trouble in the past began to melt away. Figures from across the spiritual spectrum came together, willing to see the things they had in common, rather than the differences that divided them. Christians and Jews, Hindus and Muslims -these terms became meaningless as the “God Squad” began to ride together. They took on the words of Rumi, the great Persian poet and guru, who said: “How many paths are there to God? There are as many paths to God as there are souls on the Earth.”


Family : Proteaceae

The creeping fronds of these spider flowers have burst out of the helmets of both Andrea and Mo. One an atheist, the other a lifelong Imam, both are now united in their pursuit of floral enlightenment, with the Grevillea representing faith. Andrea wears Heroine Racer, Mo wears Edenist, both in Stable Black Colourway.


Family : Ranunculaceae

These so-called winter roses represent peace and here they bring meditative calm to Christian priest Maxwell, in his Hedonist helmet, and the clan’s Hindu god, with his Hedstrong helmet – both Stable Black Colourway.


Family : Iridaceae

These purple symbols of hope explode from the helmets of Jacob, our part time Rabbi, and Buddhist convert Jay. The former wears Epicurist, the latter Classic, both Stable Black Colourway.



These green guardians are known across the land as the "Regeneration Nation". They are a benevolent guerilla force who patrol the countryside and protect people in need. Styling themselves in army fatigues and military garb, this new-age environmental army is humanity's defence from both the old and new threats that somehow always manage to emerge wherever people settle and let their soul flowers take root. Strong, dependable and supportive, they believe in something Napoleon Bonaparte once said: "Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment."


Family : Plantaginaceae

Symbolising strength, these flowers are commonly known as dragon flowers. Here they take root in three helmets: Hedonist in Glass Ash and Coal and our Hedstrong Core edition.


Family : Alstroemeriaceae

Symbolising friendship, these Peruvian flowers have a mystical heritage dating back to the Inca empire. Here they emerge from three helmets: Heroine Racer in Ash, Hedonist in Zinc and Edenist in Core.


A new world is well within our reach, but it can only be built with hard work. Luckily, the stout-hearted men and women of "The Grafters" clan are glad to offer up their blood, sweat and tears - without hesitation, without question. They are the muscles of society’s body: strong, determined, resilient and reliable. And thanks to their efforts, new communities are able to forge stable connections and prosper. The Grafters subscribe to the Greek proverb: “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” 


Family : Crassulaceae

Representing endurance, these were the first flowers sent into space by the Russians back in the 1970s, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they’re at the forefront of the Soul Flower revolution now. Here they have colonised our Ash colourway Edenist helmet.


Family: Alliaceae

These frothing flowers represent patience – which is at the heart of all hard work. Here they’re popping out of our Racer and Hedonist helmets, both in Ash colourway.


Family : Amaryllidaceae

The perfect flower for “The Grafters” since they stand for pride and determination, which is at the core of this clan’s ethic. They are seen here in our Edenist Ash helmet.


These noble men and women in white coats are known as the "Wheeler Healers". They are a tribe of dedicated doctors, nurses and medicine makers who keep the new world healthy and energised. They're equally adept in human anatomy and herbal healthcare, so they can tend to bodies, minds and Soul Flowers all at once. The Wheeler Healers are dedicated to their vocation on a deep spiritual level, following the advice of Florence Nightingale who said: "Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation as any painter's or sculptor's work. It is one of the finest of Fine Arts.""


Family : Plumbaginaceae

This delicate “Sea Lavender” is often found on coastlines, at the very edge of our world, which is why the plant has come to stand for remembrance. Here they extrude from the memories of our medics, who wear our Edenist and Hedstrong helmets, both in Creme.


Family : Proteaceae

The silky oak flower imbues those it overtakes with faith – you can see it in both nurses here, clad in Edenist Knight White and Hedonist Creme.


Family : Ranunculaceae

The flower of peace brings the power of reflection to frontline doctor Sergei, who has seen first-hand the effect of the global health meltdown. He protects his face with our Knight White Heroine Racer.


The irrepressible "High Rollers" are the deal-makers who piece together the complex financial mechanisms that underpin the new world. Taking on the look of the long-extinct Yuppies - all pin-stripes and boat club chic - their goal is to supercharge public enthusiasm for bold entrepreneurial ideas that can help re-shape society. They are smart, pushy and ostentatious - sometimes bordering on the vain and decadent, they nonetheless add a bit of gaudy glamour to our post-apocalypse party. As one clan member remarked as Soul Flowers popped out of his eyes: "Greed is good - but green is better."

Gloriosa and Fritillaria

Family Names : Colchicaceae and Liliaceae

These “Soul Flowers” symbolise power and glory, the twin drivers of this ever-hungry, go-getting clan. Always super-stylish, here they wear our Tux and Two Face Heroine Racer, Hedonist and Edenist helmets.


Fast and fierce, these adrenaline junkies, known collectively as "The Breaknecks", are high octane all the way, every damn day. Naturally competitive, they strive to be the number one clan - demonstrating their prowess through extreme motorbike racing and their dedication to athletic fitness. Sometimes determined, sometimes arrogant, they chase victory at any cost and never give up. They often say that: "Fortune favours the brave." Their detractors however are known to call them: "Young, dumb and full of cum."


Family : Gentianaceae

These explosive bouquets represent passion - so a logical fit for “The Breaknecks”. They are seen here conquering our Heroine Racer and Hedonist Sportsman.


Family : Amaryllidaceae

Also known as the “Knight’s Star”, these fleshy red bulbs indicate a spirit of determination. Here we see them taking over the Heroine Classic and Epicurist Sportsman.


“The Wild Things” don’t give a fuck. This rebellious neo-punk biker clan do what they want, when they want - so shut up and get out of the way. Their rowdy passion for freedom may seem caustic at first, but anyone who meets this tribe soon finds their uncompromising commitment to being themselves to be highly contagious. These feral creatures inspire their more repressed fellow citizens to throw off their shackles and set their inner savage free. It’s a cathartic way to live - as wild and true to nature as the “Soul Flowers” themselves. “The Wild Things” live by the words of singer Eddie Vedder: “I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me.”


Family : Apocynaceae

These surging fronds represent freedom – which perfectly matches the lust for life expressed by clan leader Spike. He wears a Heroine Racer helmet in Metallic Python.


Family : Caryophyllaceae

Viviana is Spike’s equally punkish partner. Crazy and daring, her “Soul Flowers” express her capricious spirit. Her helmet is Hedonist Metallic Python.


Hip, young and nicely irresponsible, “The Bilennials” are a clan of laid-back, low-key up-and-comers. Full of creative ideas, they are effortlessly stylish and inspiring to be around. Dwelling mostly in the urban hubs, they are free-wheeling and free-loving - diverse, experimental and gender-bending but without any hang-ups or preconceptions. They agree with the author John Green, who said: “The world may be broken, but hope is not crazy.”

Delphinium & Solidago

Family : Ranunculaceae & Asteraceae

These funky “Soul Flowers”, also known as Larkspur and Golden Rod, stand for growth and fun. The mischievous plants erupt from Kenny and Malcolm’s Hedstrong helmets – seen here in Shortlist and Cactus colourways.






The Mad People behind this/

 Helmets/ Hedon

 Concept and creative direction/ Lindsay Chong

Photographer/ Paul Bence

 Lighting/ Romain Kedochim

 Videographer/ Will Carr

 Stylist/ Malcolm Yaeng

 Florist/ Cyrill Tronchet

Copywriter/ Stuart Black