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Malle London | Beach Race

The boys from Malle London braved an oppressive pandemic, uncertain lockdown situation and some wild weather this year to put on not one but three amazing events.

After a false start over summer due to lockdown, the new Beach Race down in Margate went ahead in September, although not quite the sun-soaked conditions that were hoped for Malle managed to pull it off in style, we can only hope they run it again next year.

Racing head to head, flat out on the sand. Waves crashing 20m over the sea wall, gale-force winds blasting and bitter cold all conspiring against you getting that edge over the bike next to you to take the chequered flag. There's no way we could resist racing in those sort of conditions, so we topped off the tanks and loaded up our fresh Yamaha XSss650 build, The Conductress CG125, the dirt-loving KDX 25, luckily not forgetting to fill up the Super 73 with electricity before setting off for down to Margate.

As feared the weather was typically British with that cruel mistress the sea throwing all she could at the 200 or so competitors to dissuade them from racing. She seemed to forget that anyone who rides in Britain laughs in the face of such weather, and certainly wouldn't miss a day of racing because of it. Thankfully we'd packed some of our Mirage jackets. They proved up to the task of providing a shield against the freezing rain and bone-chilling cold but providing injury protection should things go south.

Check out photos below from our photographer and part time team Hedon rider Mykola Romanofsky and let the cold wash over you while watching the short video from WOLI films. Don't let the bleakness fool you this was serious fun!

" Waves crashing 20m over the sea wall, gale-force winds, bitter cold all conspiring against you"

                                  Yamaha XSsss 650

Hedon built during lock-down by our CEO and Co-Founder, Reg. The XS650 has been totally transformed from its previous look. The previous owner had done some work towards the scrambler look, but many elements were showing their age. The out of proportion seat, tyre hugging guards and faded yellow paint were first on the list to go. Lindsay, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Hedon was inspired as the bike came together in the workshop to apply the Metallic Python leafing and white leather trim to the tank to completely change the look of the bike. The subtle white accents of the guards, front and side race plates and stencilled tank logo combine with the white trim to really pop against the metallic leafing!

The heavy double-walled pipes and rusty mufflers were removed to make way for a some straight through scrambler style high pipes. Baffles will have to be installed for road duties but without them the Japanese twin howls, you can't mistake this for some low revving British parallel or American v-twin.

After the exhaust, a low but comfy seat was fitted as well as a fresh set of Renthal bars with custom white leather crash pad. Some longer rear shock absorbers and motocross-style guards and plates to complete the look, all that was left to do was a little tweaking of the fuel and electrical systems and the XSSS was ready just in time to hit the beach for the Malle Beach Race.

"Fast to strike, ready to attack"

Behind the Scenes clips of creating the Tank on the Yamaha XSsss

                        Metallic Python | Heroine & Hedonist

"Immortalising our reptilian inspiration in metal"

Our obsession with metal extends further than what ties together the two wheels of our bikes. Lusted after, mined, refined, shaped and sculptured. The hedonist "metallics" 

are some of our most sought after helmets. The Metallic Python is the latest of these hand crafted, limited edition creations. Giving respect and ode to the sexy reptilian 

community in the most human way, immortalising our reptilian inspiration in metal. Be warned as Metallic Python displays its venomous colours.

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