"2020 Collection"

This collection really focuses on giving our Hedonist's what they want.

The culmination of years of refinement and listening to consumer desires, Hedon return this year with a collection that truly caters to the hedonistic appetites of our customers.

"The Sportsman"

Inspired by the iconic blue yellow and white FW15 Formula One team of the 90s. The Sportsman reaches maximum velocity without breaking a sweat and represents The true art and elegance of racing.

"Hedonist Zinc"

Hedonist Zinc, inspired by the heroic base metal that is made to protect the strongest from corrosion. Effortlessly pairing with many colours and finishes, its a great match to many bikes with its reliable matte metallic hue. 

"TheMetallic Python"

We just had to introduce a new metallic leafed helmet to our collection. Got to hit 2020 with a bang. It is a tribute and ode to the sexy reptilian community in the most humanest way.

"Molten & Glass Ash"

Ash rolls into town with two new finishes. Requests for these go back to the beginning and for 2020 we decided to give the people what they want.

Glass Ash for the Hedonist where the classic matt Ashs get a glaze with depth you can lose yourself in. Molten Ash for the Heroine Racer to amp up the heat up of the OG Ash Racer.

Both look amazing. Power to the people!

"Heroine Racer Stable Black"

Our legendary Stable Black, finally available in a Heroine.  A distinguished mat black finish with a touch of brown calf leather that goes with so many outfits.