Heroine Racer Clear and Epicurist Clear/Epicurist Desert Smoke visors are ECE 2205 certified. However all coloured Heroine visors as well as the Snap-On visors (Shield and Bubble) are sold as accessories for off-road use only as most coloured/tinted visors do not pass the light transmission test, this applies to any other brand other similar products on the market. It does not mean it is illegal to ride with it.

The standard warranty for our helmets is 1 year; if however you register your purchase via our system, you get 1 additional year of warranty.

No, our Heroine visors will only fit our Heroine Racer helmets.

You can use your Hedonist visors on our Heroine Classic helmets but not on the Heroine Racer. Please note, with our Heroine Classic, only size Small and Medium will allow the visor to cover your entire face, for bigger sizes you will have a gap on each side. While our visors can fit on a Heroine Classic, they were initially designed for our Hedonist helmets.

Our Hedonist visors can fit on a Heroine Classic, especially for sizes Small and Medium. For bigger sizes you will have a gap on each side. We also recommend the use of goggle visors if you’d like to have better protection while riding.

Our peaks are compatible with our Hedonist and Heroine Classic ranges.

Yes of course! Please check the hardware on your helmet and be sure to select matching hardware when purchasing your accessory on our website.

Yes, you can ask for the colour of both your hardware and/or the leather to be changed.

Our Hedonist Visors have a UV400 protection  

Our Heroine Visors have a UV360-UV380 protection  

Our Epicurist Visors do not have UV protection