Issue 59



With immense pleasure, we are thrilled to introduce this year's theme: Retro Sci-Fi. A perfect mix of the old and the new, which is what we are crazy about at Hedon. #thehighisreal

This year we have 2 new releases in our Motorcycle range to celebrate this theme. Two very distinctive styles but still within the same world. 

We present to you, the Interstellar and the Cosmos. The Interstellar series is a fine blend of the sun in metallic gold and the moon in metallic silver. Lindsay, our CoFounder/Creative Director was inspired by the moon orbiting around the Earth and how the light from the sun is cast on to it at different times of the year and how the colour of both elements together evoke such a galactic feel. While the Cosmos on the other hand, was an evolution of a design that our master painter Christian had created for one of his best friends. Lindsay fell in love with the colour combinations he had chosen which quickly became her favourite colours of this year. The metallic Moonlight, metallic Marakech brown and the off-white known as Pepper white. These colours and the shapes that came to be, reminded her of her love for the iconic Pierre Cardin and his bold, creative and futuristic vision of fashion. The colours and shapes of his designs in the 60s had propelled fashion to the future, but at the same time he also made it timeless. He made us feel like anything was possible.

To infinity and beyond.

Bestsellers Two Face and Signature Black Heroine Racer 2.0

Two Face & Signature Black Heroine Racer 2.0

Two Face Heroine Racer 2.0

Signature Black 

Heroine Racer 2.0

Hedstrong Cactus and Edenist Knight White
Hedon Long Board and Bogarde BMX bike

Hedstrong Ash

This year's theme and campaign was dreamt up and manifested by Lindsay. With her natural ability to merge vintage elegance with contemporary panache, her artistic vision is both timeless and modern. Her passion for crafting beautiful things is only matched by her infectious joie de vivre and love for film, which imbues all her creative endeavors with a sense of fun and adventure. The 60s and the 70s holds a very special place in her heart and it is obvious and evident in all her designs. This year she wanted to really pay tribute and commemorate those great eras by creating a campaign that would bring us all back. Back to what they/we thought the future was going to be. 

She is grateful to be able to find and work with like-minded individuals who share her vision and helped bring it to life. Her keen eye for detail, innovative spirit, and sophisticated taste are a driving force behind our continued success. We feel fortunate to have her at the helm of our creative endeavours, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Here are the people and brands we would like to thank who made it all possible. 

Stylist : @malcolmyaeng

Photographer : @alex_lambrechts

Hair & Make-up : @violetz_mua

Model : @kayleighheree @jazbrunner 

Out of this world bikes : @foundrymotorcycles @maevingelectricmotorcycles @debolexmotorcycles @bogardebikes @quellabikes

Looking to collaborate with Hedon and shoot the next creative campaign with Lindsay? Email us at with your work and tell us why you think it would be great.