Issue 75

The story of


How it all began.

If you are a rider, biker, motorcyclist and you have not heard of The Bike Shed in the past decade, we envy you as you are about to experience such joy in the discovery of this establishment. Since it’s inception in 2011, the Bike Shed has been a place of Common Ground, where people from all walks of life come together to share their passion for two-wheels, whether they ride a motorcycle of not. Within their community they also have a motorcycle club, for riders, but you do not have to be a member or a rider to enjoy their hospitality and unique experience.

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club started in November 2011 as a blog about Anthony “Dutch” van Someren’s journey as modern sportsbike rider into the ‘new wave’ custom motorcycles everyone was reading about online – the cafe racers, brat-style, scramblers, etc. He wrote about the new bikes and builders on the scene, especially in the UK & Europe.

Over two years the blog grew to be one of the most popular commentators on the scene with a global following.

As the site grew, Dutch was joined by his wife Vikki, also an avid rider, and their friends joined in when in May 2013 the Bike Shed blog migrated from a virtual community into hosting their first pop-up motorcycle event; “a celebration of the creative scene around motorcycle custom culture”. …It started as a conversation in a pub.

Right now this dynamic couple has their sights on world domination and bringing The Bike Shed culture and aesthetics that we all love so much from London to LA and hopefully to every major city in the world. We are sure the world is definitely in need of this and them.

Long story short, we of course had to collaborate with these like-minded individuals and have created some limited helmets in the past decade, but our favourite by far is the Bike Shed Club Racer - Carbon Edition. They wanted something classic but also had their DNA, which meant a lot of black with accents of yellow or gold. Brief in hand, our Creative Director and Co-Founder, Lindsay Chong went to work and created something really special and iconic for them. It is not only our favourite but a crowd favourite which is why it is not limited and readily available for the world to enjoy. They have recently been upgraded to our 2.0 Heroine version and are available in ECE, DOT and also CCC. Below is a montage of this gem through the years and also some behind the scenes of the making. Enjoy.

Photo by : Will Carr 

Photo by : Jeff Allen for Cycle World at the Indian Chief launch 

Photo by : Jeff Allen for Cycle World at the Indian Chief launch 

Looking to try one on?

If you are looking to try one on for size you can "Hedon" to the Bike Shed London in Shoreditch or go to The Bike Shed Show at Tobacco docks London on the 24th of May. 

Or if you are across the pond head over to their LA club.

If heading over to those 2 locations are proving too difficult, just order from our site and we will take good care of you. Don't worry.