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"Hedon hq update"

Get a brief Service and Saftey update from Hedon HQ Read about The Bikeshed's initiative - using two wheels to help & some advice on keeping a clear headspace

"special edition"

In this special edition of our blog: Hedon HQ - Service and safety update Bikeshed Support Group - Using two wheels to help Sanitary Sanity - Keeping a clean headspace Just click the link to jump to a topic

"Sanitary Sanity"

As motorcyclists we're used to being alone, for many, it's one of the greater things about riding a bike. Escaping the hectic city, packed streets and the constant stream of the digital world can be one of the greatest things about jumping on two wheels and heading off with just the constant thrum of the engine and your own thoughts to sort through. We can all relate to the healing properties of a ride for our psyche. So it would seem that social isolation might be easier for us of the two-wheeled persuasion. And although I'm sure it leaves us better equipped to deal with it, but I'm sure it really won't be a walk in the park either.
  • Feb 02, 2016
  • Category: News
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